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Yogiri Araragi
Information on Yogiri Araragi
Gender Female



Race Shinigami



Faction Gotei 13, 8th Division


19th Seat

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Reiatsu 2618


Soul Society

RPer The Moogle Espada
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Yogiri is a Shinigami Player-Character in Bleach Channel. Her RPer is The Moogle Espada. She is currently the Captain of the Eighth Division.


Yogiri stands at 5'11". She's a pale girl with a thinly built frame. She has straight white hair that she keeps in a ponytail; her holder of choice is a black ribbon with a fake Zygopetalum orchid blossom. Araragi has a jade pendant with a dog like creature carved into it. Her eyes are a shimmering jade and her facial features are slightly lupine.


Yogiri is a sarcastic young woman. She's also very stubborn and a little bit lazy. She has a slight temper but is very level headed in combat. She hates anyone that's hyper or overly cheerful. She also hates anyone as stubborn as she is. Her favorite stress reliever is food. She loves beef and anything pickled particularly. She hates anything sweet, preferring sour things. She loves to read, her favorite author being H.P Lovecraft. Yogiri loves botany and tries to keep a few flowers in her house. Her favorite colors are: red, black and purple. Yogiri was taught to draw and paint by her mother and does so when she has the time and supplies.


Yogiri was born in the Soul Society. Her parents, Saigo Araragi and Hana Akagawa, were unseated Shinigami in the 13th division. They lived in a small house in the Seireitei. She was given basic kido training by her mother and basic sword fighting from her father. She was also taught to cook and draw by her mother. Her father loved to care for plants and she got her interest of botany from him. She passed the entry test for the academy at 160 years of age. Her parents were both killed in duty halfway through the first year at the academy.


Powers & Abilities[]


Her blade is 2' 8" in length and 1" in width. The hilt is brown leather with horizontal tan rings. The guard is a steel circle; with two snakes eating each other's tail forming a second circle inside.

  • Shikai: N/A
Shikai Special Ability: N/A