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The Onmitsukidō is a Military Branch of Soul Society, alongside the Gotei Thirteen and the [[Kidō Corps]], that specializes in stealth, covert operations, criminal apprehension and incarceration, and assassinations. However, it is currently integrated into the Gotei and asociated with the Soramaru Family. While technically a separate military body which engages in independent missions and duties outside of the other branches, the Onmitsukidō leader, the Sōshireikan, holds a rank within the Gotei 13 and thus defers to the authority of the Sōtaichō (the Captain of the Gotei's First Division).


The Onmitsukidō is currently combined with the Sixth Division of the Gotei Thirteen, and as such, their duties have overlapped.  The Onmitsukidō operates from the shadows to eliminate enemies of the Gotei 13.  The Sixth Division maintains the secrecy of the Spirit World's existence at all costs, doing as little as possible to disrupt the harmony of the Human World and Soul Society.

Ostensibly, the priorities of the Sixth Division are to protect the peace of the Human World first, spiritual secrecy second, and elimination or detainment of malignant elements third.  However, this order is at the discretion of the organization's governing bodies, with the Central 46 having complete say, the Sōtaichō being second, and the Sōshireikan being third.


Sōshireikan -- Takebachi Soramaru, Corps Commander of the Keigun (Executive Militia)

Lieutenant -- Megumi Sengaya, Corps Commander of the Keiratai (Patrol Corps)

Third Seat  -- Sasami Sengaya, Corps Commander of the Daisanbantai (Detention Unit)

Fourth Seat -- Yumi Sengaya, Corps Commander of the Chianbutai (Security Forces)

Fifth Seat -- Gousei Yu, Corps Commander of the Reiteitai (Correctional Forces)