Mochizuki Daigo
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Gender Male



Race Substitute Shinigami



Faction The Family



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Reiatsu 7350



RPer LordIcingDeth
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Daigo is a Substitute Shinigami Player-Character in Bleach Chanel RPG. His RPer is LordIcingDeth.


Daigo stands five feet, ten inches tall with auburn colored hair. He has boyish good looks, with green eyes. He normally wears a pair of blue jeans with a royal blue shirt and a black waist length jacket that matches his black sneakers. The jacket is usually unbuttoned. When he is out fighting he wears a specially designed martial arts outfit. The monk’s beads around his neck are one of two family heirlooms passed down from when an ancestor was given the beads by the famous priest Tenkai.


Mochizuki Daigo is the personification of cool. He has the looks and the personality. His humble attitude grants him the respect of his peers, his looks grant him the adoration of the ladies and his battle prowess grants him the infamy needed to keep the hoodlums at bay. Though he has all those qualities; and can have just about any girl he wants, he gets extremely nervous when communicating with the opposite sex. The otherwise cool customer tends to break out in sweats, stutter and get uncharacteristically clumsy when dealing with a pretty girl.


Mochizuki Daigo is a first year college student who maintains a 3.4 grade point average. Growing up, Daigo spent most of his time training in the martial arts. Working part time as a martial arts instructor gives him an opportunity to play the older brother to his students. A prodigy in unarmed combat, at the age of eight, Daigo won his first martial arts tournament. As the years went by he earned national titles and received black belts in various styles.

Daigo’s grandmother was Mochizuki Kurenai who, as fate would have it, was saved from a burning building by a Good Samaritan at the cost of his own life. As an orphan she didn’t have a family name. She went on to marry Mochizuki Sho, their oldest son Mochizuki Shinji is Daigo’s father. Daigo was named after his grandfather because he was born on the same day his grandfather died. Daigo began to see spirits around the same time he began going through puberty. The only people who knew his abilities were his father and his grandmother. For they were all spiritually sensitive and recognized the signs in him. Daigo would often try to in some way appease the spirits of those he encountered and ease their suffering.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Reiatsu: 7,350
Zanjutsu: 3,800
Hakuda: 50
Footwork: 1,000
Agility: 1,500
Kidou: 1,000



Kushoukan“Unwavering Diligence”

Kushoukan is a standard sized katana with a wave patterned blood groove. Its hand guard has a rectangular shape has small kanji engraved on it.

Shikai Special Ability: N/A


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