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Lucas Muñoz
Lucas, the last Munoz.
Information on Lucas Muñoz
Gender Male



Race Quincy


Echt (Pure-blood)

Faction Revival of Quincy movement 


Student, Rancher, Corpsman

Resolve 0
Reiatsu 25


Earth (London)

RPer King Zeal
In-Forum Profile  

Lucas is an Pure-blood Quincy character in Bleach Channel RPG. His RPer is King Zeal.  He is a rookie member of the Military Corps of ROQ, middle school student, and rancher.


Lucas is a very small boy of brown hair and eyes.  His Quincy lineage comes from Spanish blood, which is considerably rare.  Lucas bears no unusual characteristics or marks, with the exception of an eyepatch that he often wears to strengthen his "weak" eye for archery.

Physical Stature:
Height: 4'10" (150 cm)
Weight: 100 lbs. (45 kg)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown


Lucas is an extremely extroverted and cheerful young boy.  Though he finds making friends difficult due to his exhaustive and whimsical personality, he nonetheless tries.  Most people that meet him would consider Lucas a wide-eyed idealist.  But Lucas is far more accurately a pessimist that tries to find the least-horrible possibility to a given problem.


Early Childhood[]

The Deaths of His Parents

Military Career[]

Powers & Abilities[]

Natural Skills[]

Heilig Pfeil ("Holy Arrows")[]

Like any Quincy, Lucas can formulate reishi arrows and use them to damage his targets.  His bow is currently an unremarkable energy bow.

Aufnahme ("Absorption")

Like any Quincy, Lucas is able to gain power by absorbing reishi from his surroundings.

Unique Skills[]

Exceptional Gymnastics / Acrobatics[]

Lucas is a self-taught gymnast and acrobat, having learned to perform all kinds of climbing, balancing and tumbling skills since a young age.  These skills are usually unhelpful for combat, but they do allow him to occasionally perform an emergency shot from a difficult or abnormal position.  The accuracy of these improvised shots is poor, however.

Faction Skills[]

Spirit Weapon[]

Quincy: Letzt Stil 

Quincy: Vollständig[]
Form:  \
Special Ability: